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Trinity Cigar Company
The Crown Jewel of Your Next Event 

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The Ultimate Cigar Experience

Welcome to Trinity Cigar Company, the embodiment of distinctive experiences that transcend the conventional. More than a mere tobacco shop or event venue, we've introduced a singular concept to Colorado that caters to a multitude of occasions. Whether you're in search of a captivating way to market your business, elevate your celebrations, contribute to charitable causes, establish your brand, or offer your guests a taste of luxury, we present the ideal solution.

For the true cigar connoisseur, our mobile, open-air lounge promises an unparalleled adventure. Step into an oasis where premium cigars await, relaxation takes the forefront in plush seating, and a massive 70-inch LED TV showcases any event or program you desire. The atmosphere is further enhanced with soul-stirring music, all shared with your favorite companions.

Our rental packages are the embodiment of versatility, effortlessly adaptable to any event. From lavish black-tie galas to laid-back jersey-and-shorts gatherings, we curate experiences that mirror your vision while satisfying the preferences of your guests.

Breweries & Distilleries: Envision a seamless fusion of craft beverages and premium cigars within our mobile, open-air lounge. This isn't just a service; it's an opportunity to enrich your offerings, creating unforgettable moments where flavors harmonize and conversations flow. Whether it's rain or shine, our adaptable lounge guarantees comfort, with heating options available for cooler days. With our expertise in personalized pairings and curated selections, your establishment becomes a destination of refined enjoyment, etching memories that linger long after the last sip and puff.


Weddings: Elevate your special day with our captivating mobile cigar lounge, where the mingling of laughter, toasts, and the rich aroma of handpicked cigars creates an enchanting atmosphere. Rain or shine, our lounge ensures comfort, complete with heating options for cooler evenings. Personalized cigar pairings and carefully curated selections enhance the celebration, ensuring unforgettable memories.


Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties: Add sophistication to your pre-wedding festivities with our mobile cigar lounge. Imagine an atmosphere filled with laughter, toasts, and the rich aroma of fine cigars. Regardless of the weather, our lounge adapts for your comfort, complete with heating options. Personalized cigar pairings and thoughtfully curated selections elevate the party, creating memories that last a lifetime.


Any Event Imaginable: Transcend the ordinary with our mobile cigar lounge, tailored for any event you envision. No matter the occasion, our adaptable lounge ensures comfort, rain or shine. With personalized cigar pairings and carefully chosen selections, your event becomes a sensory journey, etching memories woven from laughter, camaraderie, and luxury.

Trinity Cigar Company is more than a service; it's an invitation to create enduring moments. Join us in shaping experiences that linger, long after the embers fade.

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